Established in 1958
The Mutual Aid association is represented in 40 states coast to coast, with over 11,000 member accounts.

Its purpose is to provide members a systematic way to help one another when one experiences loss to their property resulting from the following Types of Losses:
- Fire, wind, hail, lightning, smoke, ice/snow, flood, water, earthquake, theft, vandalism, aircraft, civil disorders, upset/collision, Animal: suffocation/heat/electrocution.

Types of Property that can be listed include:
- Dwellings, personal property, church buildings, schools, farm buildings and equipment, animals, hay/grain, vehicles in storage, decorative fences, rental property, commercial property, builder's risk, construction tools and equipment, heavy equipment, campers, buggies, ATV's, etc.

Semi-annual assessments are based on the claims submitted and the valuation of the member's listed property. CAM is NOT reinsured by another insurance company. Therefore, when a major catastrophe occurs, and additional reserves are needed, members will pay extra assessments to help pay for that need. This is what true mutual aid is all about and what sets CAM apart from many other mutual aid and insurance companies. It is all about brothers and sisters sharing with each other's needs.

If you have a mortgage on your property, you can be pleased to know that the majority of the financial institutions do accept CAM's property coverage.