The Conservative and Amish Mennonite (C.A.M.)

Who is C.A.M.?
CAM is a church based organization established by and for the members of the Conservative and Amish Mennonite churches, for the purpose of helping one another in a time of need.

CAM is NOT an insurance company. It is a unique ministry in which brothers and sisters in Christ have agreed to assist each other when they suffer a loss of their property or they experience medical bills as the result of injury or illness.

It can be hard in today's individualistic world to feel a part of a larger community. CAM provides a systematic way for persons to reach beyond themselves to help someone else in need, and to look out for each other's interests. Members provide assurance to one another that none must face the consequences of unfortunate circumstances alone.

CAM has nine Board of Directors who are elected by CAM representatives. Each Representative is appointed or elected by their own church. The Board of Directors meet at least twice a year or more as needed. Three directors from the Board are appointed to serve on the Executive Committee which meet once a month or more to monitor the program on a regular basis. Currently there are three office staff employed full time at the main office in Middlebury, Indiana.