Established in 1973
The Medical Sharing Ministry is represented in 22 states with over 50 Medical Aid Plans participating in the Pool.

Each church has their own medical aid plan with their own constitution, committee, etc. Each participating member will pay their own share of the medical bill via deductibles. At the end of each quarter each medical aid plan submits a report to the Pool (CAM office) the number of members and amount of claims after deductibles for their group. The total claims of all groups are then divided by the total participating members of groups, which results in the assessment for that quarter.

The Resharing Pool has two Plans in which members may participate:
The Basic Plan is for persons who are under age 65. Members who are age 65 and older and exempt from social security will be on the Basic Plan and will pay an additional assessment.
The Senior Plan is for members who have Medicare parts A & B. Senior Plan members do not pay any deductibles unless they do not have Medicare part D (prescriptions). Auto related accidents also have a deductible.

Eligible Medical Expenses:
Physicians, Hospitals, Ambulance, Outpatient facilities, Dental/Hearing/Vision (limited), Hospice/Home Health (limied), Maternity, Prescriptions, Nursing Home (limited), Psychiatric (prescriptions only), Physical therapy